Working Principle

Holland far infrared sauna is an integrated, multi-functional and delux facility for medicare and recreation,which incorporates the advantages of both sunlight bath and sauna all in one. The far infrared ray is its major energy. The wavelength of far infrared ray is 5.615 µm which close to the body’s own radial that can be absorbed easily. The far infrared ray can penetrates 40 mm deep into human skins, so the recipient could receive an infrared massage, making cell tissues resonant, accelerate blood circulation and eliminate the impurities, result in both bio-thermal effect and physical effect.
Thus, health will be improved

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      Advantages of Holland FIR infrared sauna room:

  Expel Toxins

  Reduces Stress

Benefit your skin

Control weight

Pain relief

Provide the same effects of exercise

Improve immune system