Inground Pools Sales/Builder


“The best results come from plans imagined by the client.” Communication is the key! The issue of taking thoughts and ideas and transforming them into reality is successful only if the communication between the client and contractor is good. Too often the contractor’s ideas are expressed as a means to facilitate an end. This can happen when people are in a rush and a clear vision is not shared between all parties. The moral to the story is to select a contractor that communicates with you easily and clearly.

Strangely, when the plans reflect something that will eventually be seen, the contractor should listen very carefully to the customer. Whereas, when the plans reflect something that will not be seen, because it is underground or technical, the customer should listen very carefully to the contractor.” In this way the contractor can ensure quality and durability, while the customer ensures the appropriate aesthetics.


The Planning Phase – It is sometimes helpful to imagine the finished product and itemize each element. Assess value, both aesthetic and monetary.
Permits and other Bureaucracy – Safety always comes first. Obtaining the proper permits and notifying the the necessary organizations is essential to any project.
Breaking Ground – Often, the ground breaking phase is the most traumatic. The backyard is put in a state of upheaval before it is put back together again.
Plumbing, Electric, Concrete Collar Phase – Once the work is completed an inspector must witness the components and workmanship of this phase.
Decking and Patio Phase – There are many different materials for desks and patios. The price can vary greatly as well. Of course, concrete is very resourceful and the cost is the least. Natural stone or man made stone pavers are resourceful and pretty. Nevertheless, much thought should go into decking.
Fencing Phase – Like patios and decks, the cost for fencing can vary greatly. The right choice for fencing can often be surprising.
Landscaping Phase – Please be aware that, frequently, the cost for landscaping can often surpass the price of the pool.

Vinyl Pools – In the Hudson Valley residential pools are most frequently vinyl liner pools.
Gunite / Shotcrete Pools – Concrete pools are often referred to as Gunite Pools. Whether a concrete pool is gunite or shotcrete depends on the “shooting” process of the concrete. Of course, the layer of concrete that seals the water is the “Plastering” finish. Plaster is a mixture of Portland cement and marble dust. Up to date plasterers will incorporate quartz into the mixture to make it stronger, harder, and more durable.

Salt Water Pools

Salt Water Pools have become very popular recently. Yet, the components that are used for the salt generator have been around for decades. Salt Systems have two parts that work together. One, is the information panel. It is the part that sensors feed information to. Often the information panel is no more than a computer motherboard. The second part is the Ionizer component. The device that uses a magnetic field to separate a sodiumchloride molecule. Thus, a salt pool is a chlorine pool. The magic, if you will, comes from making an inately unstable compound and making it stable, regular, and dependable. For this reason alone the salt generator is popular.