Gunite Pool Renovations

It is quite common to see us either sand blasting a pool or replastering/resurfacing a gunite pool. Most people are not aware that a concrete pool must be resurfaced every 8 – 10 years. Eventually, the old plaster wares away and water can leak from the pool. A new plaster job secures the pool’s ability to hold water. There are modern advancements in pool resurfacing, such as adding “quartz” to the mixture of normal plaster (portland cement and marble dust). The quartz creates a surface that is stronger, harder, and longer lasting. Sandblasting is an important part of prepping a cementious surface to allow for another cementious material to adhere to it. To avoid delamination and help clean the surface, there is nothing better than sandblasting. Without sandblasting the replastering job is always compromized. If you are not going to replaster then painting a pool is another option. Holland Pools is capable of painting your pool.