Pool Opening & Closing

The bread and butter of any pool business is the list of customers for which it opens and closes the pool. That list is the core list of that company. More than any other task, opening and closing pools reflects the well being of the company. Suffice to say, it is the backbone of the business. When anyone from this group of customers talk,the business is quick to listen.
Let’s dispell a rumor, shall we? There are many ways to open and close a pool. Not just one! Many factors are brought into consideration and action is taken on some,but perhaps not all. The reasoning behind it can vary.
Completely opening a pool is a process that can perhaps take days or even weeks. Few pools are swimmable the day the cover is removed. The reasoning and the necessity for the steps taken can change from pool to pool. Logic and rational play a big role.
Once the cover is removed Holland Pools will commence to vacuum the pool. Sometimes we will vacuum to waste, and other times we will filter the water back to the pool. It depends upon the condition of the water and the level of the water. For example, it is more important to leave the level of the pool in operating condition rather than vacuum thoroughly and expelling the water. Little is gained
if the pool cannot operate when the service company leaves. Many times the level and availability of water will determine the next step. At times the water will be relatively clear, other times algae can make seeing the bottom impossible. Everytime we will brush a pool as carefully as possible. Plus, virtually every time Holland Pools will hyperchlorinate the pool and allow it to run. At times we will shock and pool and return to vacuum later. Once the clarity of the water has reasonably returned, we will test the water and adjust the alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness, and cyanuric acid levels. Spring doses of chemicals will certainly be higher than followup doses. Needless to say, having the pool balanced is not only good for the swimmers, but it is also good for the pool structure and the equipment.
Closing a pool is like buying insurance. The idea of what could happen during the winter if I did this, or didn’t do that. Again, there is no one right way. Holland Pools will vacuum the pool prior to closing it. We will get all the leaves out because they can potentially stain the pool. We will bring the level of the water to just below the skimmer. We do this to allow ourselves to thoroughly blow out the skimmer pipe. Once that has occurred we will put antifreeze in the pipe, put the Gizmo in place, and add more antifreeze to the basin of the skimmer. Then we blow out all of the return lines, and add antifreeze to them. Lastly we will look at the main drain. Some main drains we will push air through and cap the end, trapping pressurized air in the line. Other times we will pore antifreeze into the line and allow water to mix with antifreeze. Then the cover will be put on and the pump & filter will be cleaned and put in a warm dry place. Chemicals like sequestering compounds, shocks, water clarifiers, algaecides, and phosphate removers will be uniqually dispensed on a pool by pool basis.