Fieldstone & Concrete Decking

The decision which determines the makeup of the deck is big for both cost and appearance reasons. It is, perhaps, a bigger decision than the determining the size and shape of the pool. The reason for this is because the area immediately surrounding the pool psychologically defines the future mood of the pool. After all, it is what people will see when they look at the pool.
Homes with swimming pools have become an alternative escape zone for many families. When the family is at the pool it is like a vacation. So, again, defining the pools appearance becomes a rather large decision.
Some folks, in their anxiety and haste to complete the backyard project choose regular concrete for the deck,if only for monetary reasons. Whereas, a concrete deck is quite functional when it anchors a Loop Loc cover, it doesn’t rank high on the aesthetics scale. Plus, you should be careful of contractors who “guarantee” that their concrete deck will not crack after it is poured on unsettled earth. Since building a pool is a long term project, it might behoove the owner to simply wait 8 – 10 months for the ground to settle again, recoup the finances over this period, and install a beautiful stone deck later. In this way patience pays off mightily in several ways.
For many years Holland Pools has constructed natural fieldstone decks. Large slabs of fieldstone with the autumn hues look magnificent when completed. The finished product is both elegant and natural. Furthermore, the stone deck is every bit as functional when it comes time to install the Loop Loc cover.