Pool Plumbing

Have you ever seen a fast running mountain stream? The water is crystal clear and it has no chemicals to purify it. The water is so inviting that you want to drink it, and when you do drink the clear water it has a refreshing taste that soothes you. Why is the water so clear you ask yourself? Well, the main answer to that is….the water is simply moving fast. Algae and bacteria like slow stagnant water, not fast moving water.
As with many things in life, what is not seen is often the most important thing that effects you. It certainly is that way when it comes to underground pipes. In this day of expensive automated machines we ignore the principle factors that promote crystal clear water. To make
matters worse, we also fail to recognize the true importance of the science of hydrology. In effect, we place obstacles in our own path that are not removable. They forever thwart our future good sense and experience. As the old adage goes “it should have been done right the first time.” As a result, we are forced to purchase expensive automated equipment to compensate for the failure of our plumbing system. Water that reenters the pool from the pump and filter is under pressure. This is because of the nature of the centrifuge pump, it throws water like a pitcher throws a baseball. Again, when water reenters the pool under pressure it carries energy to put the body of water in motion. Essentially, it provides internia to increase the momentum of the entire body of water. The more momentum the more it is like the mountain stream.
Don’t let anyone tell you different, plumbing is a form of ART. Water that can move significantly unimpeded through the circulation system requires less chemicals to maintain, just like the mountain stream. It is also like your heart in the center of your chest. If you have a strong heart and no clogged arteries then you are generally healthy. So,clear water is water in motion.
Holland Pools enjoys the art of plumbing!